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Life can throw many challenges our way

Learning how to deal with complex thoughts, beliefs and traumatic experiences in our life is the first step towards successful healing.

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Creating Connections Counselling 

My name is Fiona Gray and I am the owner of Creating Connections Counselling. My Counselling services are provided in my home, located in Narrabundah, South Canberra, ACT.

Life can throw many challenges our way. Learning how to deal with complex thoughts, beliefs and traumatic experiences in our life is the first step towards successful healing. Sometimes we need someone to talk to.

My experience includes providing individual counselling and couples relationship counselling. I provide a simple and quiet environment, where exploring your inner thoughts and feelings is safe. Whether you’re going through family, or relationship difficulties or experiencing challenges as a new parent, I am here to help you regain much-needed clarity along your journey. My counselling services can be provided face to face or using telehealth services online.

My specialist counselling services focus on mental health difficulties, including managing, anxiety, issues depression, and low self-esteem. I specialise in addressing issues related to antenatal, postnatal, and early parenting difficulties such as bonding. I am also able to work with clients that have suffered trauma. I offer a thoughtful, caring and creative approach that enhances long-term and sustainable change.

Counselling Services:


Person-Centred Therapy


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Acceptance Commitment Therapy


Solution & Strength-Based Therapy


Attachment Theories


Individual Counselling


Family, Teen & Couples Counselling


Trauma Counselling



"Every moment spent working with Fiona counts. We quickly developed a rapport through her ability to empathetically connect and our conversations have increased my self-knowledge and compassion. Fiona has truly helped me to navigate my personal history and inner world, and embark on the business of growing up. I am deeply grateful".

"I started seeing Fiona six months ago when my anxiety began to make everyday parenting tasks difficult. She has created an inviting and cosy space and makes it easy to have an open dialogue. She has helped me in all aspects of my life and I now consider Fee an integral part of my parenting village. Highly recommend!"

"Fiona is a great counsellor who offers great advice! highly recommend"

"Fiona was upfront with us from the beginning after listening to us. She gave us some strategies to work with and didn't push us too far too fast. It's been a very challenging but pleasant learning curve to be on. She gave us hope".

"Fiona Is great. Every time you go for sessions, you can tell she is prepared & has thought about the best way to work through issues. Her knowledge of how the brain works & the breakdown of what is happening enlightens the problems so that you can understand what's going on & begin to fix it. She makes the experience comfortable & approachable every time. Would highly recommend it to anyone".

"Fiona helped my partner and me in the most challenging period of our 15-year relationship. Fiona was empathetic and honest and gave us the tools and the groundings we needed to begin the process of repairing our relationship. For myself in particular Fiona helped me understand myself and my partner in a way I don't think I ever really did, or could! I can't be more grateful for Fiona's support at such an important time in our lives." 

Feeling overwhelmed & burdened?

At Creating Connections Counselling, I provide a person-centred approach, using modalities such as cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, solution-focused and strength-based approaches.

This enables clients to explore their emotional experiences & their feelings related to life events. I aim to provide a safe place to consider the impact of those events & how to be able to move forward with a sense of hopefulness. Counselling can provide ideas about how to approach difficulties in a new strength-based way. I am trained in understanding the impact of perinatal mental health and trauma and highly experienced in managing anxiety and depression, self-esteem and attachment issues.

Over the years, I have experienced my life traumas and I strongly believe in the importance of being heard and understood. If you’re feeling isolated, alone and overwhelmed, I am here to help navigate your difficult emotions in a respectful, private and confidential space.

I provide both face to face & Telehealth services online across Australia. 

Contact me today on 0415 407 942 to arrange a confidential appointment. Alternatively, you can reach out via email at: for more information on my services.

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