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Understanding the Impact of Birth Trauma

Posted By Fiona Gray,
23/04/2024 11:50 AM
Childbirth should be a happy event, however according to the website 1 in 3, women and their families can experience birth trauma, this can be a deeply personal and subjective experie...

Implementing Trauma-Informed Care

Posted By ,
22/04/2024 13:00 PM
In the middle of Canberra, where the active city resides close to the peaceful residential areas, there exists a strong demand for mental health services. The trauma-informed care (TIC) is very import...

Should I stay or should I go ?

Posted By Fiona Gray,
18/04/2024 10:14 AM
When couples come for support following the discovery of an affair/betrayal/infidelity, the injured person in the relationship may still be reeling from the impact of finding out the truth. This...

Why Understanding Emotions in Relationships is Important

Posted By Fiona Gray,
15/04/2024 15:30 PM
When relationships offer a sense of security, individuals are better able to reach out, provide support to others and deal with conflict and stress. These relationships tend to be happier, more...

I've had a baby, I should be happy why am I finding it so hard

Posted By Fiona Gray,
29/03/2024 10:00 AM
A lot of my professional career has been about supporting new mums and dads after they have had a baby. Pregnancy, the arrival of a baby and the first year of life can be a period of adjustment....

Unhelpful Behaviour in Relationships, Gottman Four Horsemen

Posted By Fiona Gray,
27/03/2024 15:00 PM
Identifying negative and lethal methods of communication in a relationship can enable couples to avoid conflict, frustration and distance. Dr John Gottman and Dr Julie Schwartz Gottman provide an...

Understanding Burnout

Posted By Fiona Gray,
27/03/2024 14:02 PM
Most people go through periods where they feel tired or unhappy at work or in their private lives. However, if your job leaves you feeling emotionally exhausted, beyond the point of caring, or unable...

Unlocking the Secrets of Love Languages in Relationships

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13/03/2024 13:00 PM
Comprehending the idea behind love languages introduced a new meaning in spouse’s lives. Heralded by Dr. Gary Chapman’s renowned book, “The 5 Love Languages”, this philosophy shows the significance...

Surviving the Seven Year Itch: How Couples Counselling Can Help

Posted By ,
08/12/2023 11:07 AM
The cliché-sounding "seven-year itch" has enough truth to it to be recognized in romantic culture. Basically, the term refers to the time period in a marriage or long-term relationship when passion...

Understanding Self-Compassion through the Work of Kristin Neff: Insight for Counsellors

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28/09/2023 09:00 AM
Introduction: Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the field of self-compassion research, is an Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas, Austin. Neff’s work has...