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Mental health difficulties can be commonly experienced in the Perinatal Period. (Conception of pregnancy, till the end of the first year of a Child's life)

Parenting Attachment- Becoming a new parent can bring a sense of fulfilment & happiness. However, becoming a new parent can also introduce us to many new stressors & difficulties.

It can be a period of change in lifestyle routine, it can impact your relationship with your partner and other family members.

Changes in our roles and how we develop our new identities can sometimes feel overwhelming.

It can be hard to know when a new parent may be becoming vulnerable to mental health difficulties such as; Perinatal Depression, Perinatal Anxiety & other mental health difficulties. (The perinatal period is from the conception of pregnancy till the end of the child's first year of life).

Perinatal Depression and Perinatal Anxiety, affect 100,000 expectant and new parents in Australia each year. Gidget Foundation Australia (2023).



Factors that are known to increase a person's risk of experiencing MH problems are;

  • Personal or family history of mental health difficulties.
  • Complicated birth
  • Unwell baby
  • Increased current life stressors- special care needs, moving house.
  • Lack of social-emotional support.
  • Current drug & alcohol issues.
  • Anxious/perfectionist personality.
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Being emotionally available improves your capacity to provide your child with a secure attachment.

The attachment bond is the emotional connection formed by the wordless connection between an infant & their primary caregiver. Developing a secure attachment between you & your child gives your child the best start in life, this does not mean you need to be a perfect parent.

Learning how to be a new parent is hard, talking to someone that you trust, can lessen your sense of isolation and can provide support for you.

The feelings you experience as a primary caretaker can shape the developmental process occurring in your child’s brain.

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