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Anxiety is an umbrella term for feelings of fear, nervousness, apprehensiveness, or worry.

Everybody gets anxious at times and some anxiety helps us to function well, but anxiety can become a problem when;

  • It happens too often
  • It goes on for a long time
  • It stops us from doing things that we want to do

Types of Anxiety

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

People with GAD report excessive worry about non-specific life events such as health, finances, work, or relationships. The amount of worry is normally out of proportion to the actual danger.

The primary symptom of a generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is excessive worry. Some of the signs and symptoms that you may experience if you suffer from GAD include:

  • Excessive feelings of worry or anxiety, or feelings of apprehension and tension about daily events.
  • Restlessness and an inability to relax.
  • Difficulty concentrating because of worry or anxiety.
  • Feeling irritable.
  • Muscle tension or aches and pains.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Worry or anxiety that is difficult to control.
  • Feeling easily fatigued.

Social Anxiety Disorder

People with social phobia are afraid that other people will think badly of them (fear of negative evaluation) and so they take steps to prevent this from happening.

Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder

People who suffer from panic experience sudden feelings of terror and doom which may seem to occur ‘out of the blue’. Attacks are typically fairly short-lived but can be re-triggered and last for longer periods.

  • Panic attacks, Symptoms
  • Feeling dizzy or faint
  • Difficulty breathing
  • The feeling of impending doom
  • Hot & cold sweats
  • Uncontrollable trembling

Specific Phobia’s

People with a phobia are afraid of a specific object, animal, or situation. They might know that their fear is irrational or out of proportion, but will nevertheless try to avoid the feared object or situation.